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United States Army

549th Military Police Company

When my father William Anas was twenty three years old he was drafted in the United States Army. William was inducted in Richmond, VA, then transported to Ft. Jackson SC. While he was at Ft. Jackson he was given his medical shots, clothing and everything that was required to be a recruit. After about five days at Ft. Jackson, dad was transferred to Ft. Gordon, GA for the start of his basic training.

At Ft. Gordon, he was a recruit in Company A, 2nd Training Battalion, 1st Training Regiment, U. S. Army Training Center, Infantry. At the end of his eight weeks basic training, Dad was given orders to return to Ft. Gordon after a eleven day leave to attend the PMGS (Provost Marshal General School - Military Police) there.

He returned to his home in Charlottesville, VA for the leave, then returned to Ft. Gordon to take the Military Police training. Dad said, he felt like a "old timer" returning to Ft. Gordon and getting that "flat" OD cap and having his basic training behind him. He really enjoyed MP training and became a squad leader about half way through.

And around the half way point in MP training, his fiancé, my mother, Mickey traveled to Augusta, GA and they were married in Aiken, SC on July 21, 1962 by a Justice of the Peace. Their honey moon was spent that weekend in Augusta at the Holiday Day Inn. Mom returned home the next Monday and Dad returned to the MP training. He graduated from the MP School on August 12, 1962. Dad then was assigned to the 549th Military Police Company (SCV) at Ft. Gulick, Canal Zone, Republic of Panama.

When dad arrived in Panama, he was assigned to Company details for a week or so and that time period was when the "Bay of Pigs" invasion took place. They were put on "alert". Being the green troop that he was, dad didn't know what in the world was going on but soon adapted to his new life style.

Dad finally started pulling actual MP duty soon afterwards serving Ft. Gulick, Ft, Davis, Ft. Sherman, Ft. Randolph and France Field. His duties varied from Gate Duty and Motor Patrol at all of the bases and a period in the traffic department. During that period dad learned he was going to be a father and later was able to take a thirty day compassionate leave to come home for the birth of his first child Tina.

After returning to Panama he was assigned to "Town Patrol". His duty there was to "police" the GI's in the town of Colon, Republic of Panama. Town Patrol was the best duty he had as an MP and was proud to serve in this capacity. Dad was there when the Anti-American riots broke out on January 9, 1964. Later Captain Thomas Irwin, Provost Marshal, gave him a letter of commendation for his actions that night. The town of Colon was put "off limits" at that time for all military personnel and he returned to regular MP duty.

Dad completed his service on March 29, 1964. After returning home he was assigned to the local Army Reserve Center, served two years active and two years in-active.

My father said many times, "My time in the United States Army made a man out of me and I am proud to have served my country."
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